Get to Know Me

Hi, I’m Natalie! This is my blog about a clean and fit lifestyle.

I’m your average teen; I hangout with friends and I’m a member of school clubs. I enjoy cooking, creating recipes, and learning about the benefits of different foods. What makes me specially unique? Oh yeah, I am a hardcore clean eater and I strive to get stronger everyday.  I still haven’t met another teen that lives this lifestyle. I started eating more farm to table when I was in 8th grade—I was breaking out and I was overall unhappy with my skin. I started by adding more complex carbohydrates and eliminating fried food and all sugary drinks. It was the end of 9th grade when I discovered many fads, diets, and lifestyles. I came across clean eating and I fell in love with the idea. Yes, the thought of getting rid of my mom’s AMAZING chicken pot-pies, my dad’s rich cheesecakes, and Starbucks cappuccinos scared me. But now, I don’t even think about having any of that! When I eat, I always look to consume the maximum amount of nutrients. That means lots of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and high-quality lean meats. Since I workout 5-6 days a weeks, having a high protein diet is important to me. So, I eat lots of beans, chicken, and nuts!

Why don’t more teens and adults live this lifestyle? People don’t eat clean or exercise because it’s time consuming and you have to be on your A-game when eating out or simply food shopping. Another excuse I’m told is, “It’s expensive!” or “Healthy food doesn’t taste good.” Yes, it’s expensive and it does take time, but that’s where my blog will come in handy—I will help you get healthier. This blog will show you delicious and simple recipes, from breakfast to dessert. I will overall help you become energized, fit, and healthy.


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