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Detox Drinks

It’s after the holidays, a new year has recently begun, what is a better way to detox from all the large feasts than detox drinks! Detoxing helps reboot your metabolism, digestive system, immune system, and washes away to cleanse your body from all the holiday delights—from a large plate of buttered-up mashed potatoes to 3 servings of warm apple pie with ice cream. These beverages are also handy for everyday consumption to fight the flu season, or just keep your body regular.


Berry Blaster

Berries are known for their fighting powers against free-radicals and toxins in your body; berries also have an abundance of B vitamins to support your metabolism. The wonderful tartness from the berries, and the fresh kick from the mint leaves gives your body an energizing boost! I recommend drinking this in the morning to give your body sustainable energy for the rest of the day—no coffee needed here!



16oz mason jar

1/2 cup frozen berries

3-4 mint leaves

purified water to fill the jar

Citrus Cleanser

Citrus fruits are famous for their abundance of vitamin C and properties to boost your immune system; citrus fruits also aid your digestive system and amp-up your metabolism. Having this drink once you wake up will give your body and mind an extra boost—it will also replace your daily cup of Joe!


16oz mason jar

2 slices of a lemon

2 slices of a lime

1 slice of an orange

1 slice of a grapefruit

Ginger Zinger

Okay, I have to admit, this beverage is not the most pleasant, but it sure does wonders. The fresh ginger soothes your stomach, cleanses your digestive system, and supports an overall healthy body. The ACV(apple cider vinegar) balances your PH, it’s anti-inflammatory, and washes bad bacteria from your body. The cinnamon and cayenne pepper band together to send your metabolism sky-rocketing.


16oz mason jar

2 slices of a lemon

an inch of fresh ginger(peeled and sliced)

1/4 of a teaspoon of cinnamon

a teaspoon of agave nectar(or honey)

a pinch of cayenne

All of these beverages are perfect to drink all day!

Note: You can reuse the contents in the jar about 2-3 times, meaning, you just refill the the jar/container with water. For the ginger zinger, you add water and apple cider vinegar.


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