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Protein Powder

There are tons of protein powders out there that have different uses and benefits. This post will show you both the plant-based, and non plant-based powders that I recommend. Everyday Protein Powder Everyday protein powder is meant to use for, well, everyday. They contain vital nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, probiotics, omega fats, amino acids,… Continue reading Protein Powder


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Vegan “Meat”balls

Recently, I have have converted to a some-what plant-based lifestyle (aka vegan). A wonderful diet of lean proteins (beans and fish), and macronutrients with complex grains and, still, no processed foods.¬† I was craving some meatballs one day and I decided to get inspired from another recipe and make it my own. I came across¬†this… Continue reading Vegan “Meat”balls